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Darrell Rhoades, Pond Health Consultant

Name: Darrell Rhoades

Occupation: Darrell has over 31 years of experience building and repairing plastic injection molds. His passion for ponds led him to a local pond business and to create a website, www.WhatPond.com, about pond building and pond supplies.

Darrell volunteers for the local township Emergency Management and the county C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team)

Values: honesty, hard work, generosity, helpful and caring attitude

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Background and personal information: Darrell has been a DIY fellow since his young years repairing cars and trucks to get to work. This led him to build race kart engines and racing go-karts.

After Darrell and his wife moved on to their property, they built their dream home and barns, but, as you guessed, having property means needing larger tools for property maintenance. Darrell invested in a dozer and backhoe for landscaping around the house, and eventually those tools helped to build his first farm pond.

If you have questions about a struggling pond, Darrell has been in your boots. Through research, speaking with manufacturers, and years of contact with other pond experts, Darrell continues to work with the various products and tools to keep ponds healthy and functional. Darrell now shares his knowledge on pond building and pond care via his website and ebooks.

Interests: Trucks, tractors, backhoe and dozer are Darrell’s favorite tools, but learning to be more self-reliant is on his favorites list — and, of course, ponds top the list. They are so fascinating, full of life and have a magical quality to them.

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