Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

What You Need to Know About Asbestos in the Home

By Jacob Lunduski, Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Find out what prospective homebuyers and owners need to know about the asbestos. Information will be provided on the use of asbestos, where you can find it, when and how it is harmful, and things you should do to ensure your natural health in your own home.

The Good and the Bad About Earthships

By Matthew Smith, Fortified Roofing

The introduction to earthships was in the 1970s, built with tires, glass bottles, and cans. With minimal construction waste and offering an off the grid lifestyle, this is certainly a great eco-friendly home that can benefit the society if made commercial. But like most things in life, these sustainable homes have their advantages and disadvantages. We explore some of them here.

A Snowboarder’s Hand-Built Cabin of Stone, Glass, and Steal

By Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Publications

Mike Basich has a passion for building that is only equaled by his passion for snowboarding. His cabin is located on 40 acres about three miles in the backcountry near the Donner Pass, and during the winter, is only accessible by snowmobile, snow cat, or on snow shoes. The first time I went out there, he put me on the front of his snowmobile, stood up behind me, and proceeded to blast through the wilderness at 50 MPH, floating like a snowflake.

Lessons for Green and Resilient Communities from Olympia, Washington

By Jan Spencer

Smart residents of Olympia, Washington, are making creative use of city programs to make their neighborhoods more green and resilient.


Tips for Using Earthen Plaster in Green and DIY Homes

By Paul Wood, Shelter Works

Earthen plaster allows homeowners to connect with their homes and the earth in a practical and beautiful way. Learn how to work with this fun material.

Going, Going, Green: How to Lower the Impact of Your Move

By Megan Wild

Moving is stressful enough without thinking about how the impact will affect the Earth. Here are some ways you can lower your impact.

Technology for Disaster Preparedness

By Liam Kivirist, JDI Enterprises

There's a growing lineup of technology that tackles the challenges of off-grid-survival in sometimes extreme environments or during catastrophic events. A few of my family's many favorites include BioLite's latest CampStove 2, LuminAID's PackLite 16, and Power Practical's Luminoodle Light Rope.

Seniors Build the First Hemp Tiny Homes in Washington State

By Pat Rasmussen, Senior Hemp Tiny Homes

Seniors are building the first hemp tiny homes in Washington State with solar panels on top to provide green, affordable housing. Many seniors live on social security of less than $800 a month and need a warm, secure home – and they can have one, a tiny home. Together, we’re setting off a new green, affordable revolution: hemp tiny homes for seniors!

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