Yellow Pages Goes Green Without Anybody Knowing

Reader Contribution by Seth Leitman

OK. You are probably asking: Why is he writing this? I was at my local Starbucks and some people were talking about how they were so fed up with getting their Yellow Pages delivered. Why can’t they just make it easy. Well, they did and all it TOOK was searching quickly on the internet! So here we go.

YP, or should I say the Yellow Pages, has a different connotation among their customers that receive the book. I’m not opposed to a book that uses FSC Certified paper. Then it is smart growth versus cut and run like the song from the Steve Miller Band, “Take The Money and Run.” But they actually are making their website more appealing and enticing to customers.

You can log in via Facebook and search for numbers for FREE!!! None of this nonsense where you have to pay for a phone number online. It should be as accessible in other places but they try to scam you. Don’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Please!!

I did see a Green Yellow Pages with the Yellow Pages and the Environmental Protection Agency that is trying to expand, saying go green! I hear you so let’s check out their stats. provides an environmentally friendly search engine and Yellow Pages directory which vigorously supports the green movement through a variety of efforts, promotes awareness and helps consumers conveniently opt-out of printed yellow pages delivery while providing a simple, effective, online alternative to print directories.

As the original opt-out registry, their “going green” mission continues an official opt-in registry for printed distribution. To find a business, simply navigate to the state in which the business you’re looking for is located or use the search functionality. No cost for the number and no person to talk to asking you 15 times what the city and state are.

Now I will be adding more of these types of stories because I am so fed up with people asking everyday and NOBODY answering their question!!

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