Renewable Energy Systems: The Home Power Magazine

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Find out about Home Energy Magazine, a great read for renewable energy systems fans.

Learn about Home Power Magazine, the magazine highlights articles about renewable energy systems using sun, wind and water power.

Renewable Energy Systems: The Home Power Magazine

Renewable energy tinkerers and techies find the latest information on their favorite topic by perusing the pages of Home Power, the Hands-On Journal of Home-Made Power.

Each issue provides detailed information on implementing small-scale, renewable energy systems that are powered by the sun, wind and water.

Home Power also reviews the latest energy efficient appliances, green building technologies, biofuels and sustainable transportation.

In addition, you can find key articles from the magazine’s archives, renewable energy community news, system sizing software, and energy fair and workshop listings on the website.

A directory of renewable energy businesses helps you shop for renewable energy system components or find a local installer.

Home Power staff practices what they preach: The magazine is published at their off-grid office just outside Ashland, Oregon. For more information visit

Laurie Guevara-Stone teaches and writes about renewable energy, and coordinates international programs at Solar Energy International, Carbondale, Colorado.