Home Automation: 5 Ways it is Combating Global Warming

Reader Contribution by David Glenn
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The latest developments in technology have given us a lot. They give us a way to go shopping without leaving our house, to talk to our cars and phones, and even to share things instantly with people on the other side of the world. But one of the greatest advantages of modern technology is that it has given us new ways to protect the environment. With all of the new technologies that have been developed for your home, it is easy to save energy and money. Automating your home is now fun, cheap and green. In case you are still not convinced, here are five ways that it is helping us to combat global warming.

Cutting Back Your Overall Energy Usage

If you are looking for ways to lessen your carbon footprint, one huge one is to automate your home. You might not realize how much energy you waste daily. And even if you do, isn’t it about time you did something about it? An energy monitor can hook up to all of your utilities to one device, and tell you how much energy you are using that you don’t need. Newer versions will remember your habits and adjust accordingly, saving you money when you go out of the house, for example.

Stop Leaving the Lights On!

There is always that one person in your house that turns on every light in the building, and never turns them off. Maybe it is you! Whoever it is, instead of changing them, you can now change your house. Occupancy sensor light switches are cheap and easy to install yourself. They will turn a light on when a person walks into a room, and then turn off when there is a  period of inactivity. Certain systems also allow you to turn them off yourself, using an app on your phone. This is handy for times when you may have gone on a trip and left a light on.

Climate Control

Much like an energy monitor, there are smart thermostats that are now on the market, allowing you to more carefully monitor the temperature of your home, while still saving energy. One central control panel can also link your heating and air conditioning with your lighting, and let you control it all from the same place – or it might even control itself.

Creating Energy

Automating a home includes more then just fancy gadgets that control your appliances. It extends to energy production, and specifically, solar power. Imagine how much of a difference you could make if your house could generate its own energy. With solar panels it can, and not only that, but you can hook them up to your energy monitor or thermostat, so that you can see exactly how much energy you are generating, versus how much you use. Solar power can even help on a smaller scale, with automated stand-alone lights that you can put on your porch or in your backyard.

Save Water

Technology also allows you to control your sprinklers better than you ever could before. In the past we have had to set our sprinklers on a timer that doesn’t allow for changes in weather or the needs of your lawn. Now you can hook them to a controller that you can use to turn them on and off yourself, using your computer or phone.

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