Mother Earth News: October/November 2008

By Staff
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Simpler Living
Using these basic ideas and advice, it’s actually quite … well … simple.


Yipes! Stripes!
For better and worse, skunks and raccoons are thriving from coast to coast — from forests and farms to suburbs and city streets.

Revisiting the Good Life
The principles that guided legendary homesteaders Helen and Scott Nearing still resonate today.

Build Your Own Tables
Design and construct whatever tables you need using these expert guidelines.

Home Petite Home
The best way to slash your energy bills is to choose a compact, well-built home such as this sweet, neat and petite home.

Good Calories, Bad Calories: What Really Makes Us Fat
Here’s how modern medicine has failed us. Hint: Grandma knew best.

Brew Your Own Beer
Homebrewing is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to enjoy flavorful, affordable drinks.

Make Electricity, While You Exercise
Pedal-powered generators can play a small but useful role in some houses.

Expert Advice for Wood Heating
Save time, energy and money with these practical tips for getting the most out of a woodstove.

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient
Nine ways to help you slash your utility bills.


News from Mother
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Dear Mother
MAX and 100 mpg; Manure vs. deer; Overcoming lousy soil

Country Lore
Have Sawmill, Will Travel!
The Joys of Pressure Cooking
Go Electric!
A Slick Solution for Bird-food Thieves
A Woodshed is Born
Crusty Frying-pan Pizza
Make this Simple Well-house Heater

Green Gazette
Why Wind Power Works for Schools
The Buzz on Vanishing Bees
Trusty Tarp Tie-downs
Watch Out for Killer Compost
Green Your Getaway
Is Your Donkey in Their Database?
Better, Easy-to-Build Energy-efficient Homes
Town’s Dependence of Fossil Fuels is Gone with the Wind
Engineering a False Hope

Crop at a GlanceAll About Growing Spinach
Plant now! The most nutritious leafy green grown in most gardens — super cold-hardy spinach — is a top crop for fall, winter and spring.

Garden Know-how
Gardening for Keeps
Wide corridors, together with permanent beds and paths, are your best option for an efficient and productive food garden.

Firsthand Report
Finding the Good Life in Japan
Eating locally takes on a new meaning when living abroad.

Kitchen Garden
Gourdseed Corn
Get rich corn flavor with this unique heirloom variety.