Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Recipe

Use this Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Recipe to produce crispy pizza in your favorite cast iron skillet.

| October/November 2008

This easy Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Recipe can be made at home using garden fresh ingredients and your cast iron skillet.

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Recipe

Not owning a pizza pan, I’ve adapted my Italian mom’s homemade pizza recipe for a cast-iron frying pan. The cast iron tolerates high heat and turns out a crispy crust.

This recipe bakes in a 10- or 12-inch frying pan. You can make it however you prefer: low salt, low fat, organic or double the cheese, whatever your fancy. There’s hardly a way to fail other than having the water too hot, which kills yeast.

The dough takes about two hours to rise. If you’re short on time for rising, there’s not much difference. After you put the dough into the fry pan, it will rise anyway while you add toppings.

1/2 package dry yeast
1/3 cup warm or room temperature water
3/4 cup all-purpose or bread flour
3/8 tsp salt
3/4 tsp sugar

Toppings for the Dickerson Special Pizza
1/2 cup tomato paste (straight from the can) or bottled tomato sauce
Fresh homegrown tomatoes or zucchini
3 fresh mushrooms, sliced
6 ounces mozzarella cheese, sliced or shredded
1/4 pound pepperoni or cooked sausage
1/4 cup green pepper, chopped
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1/4 cup black olives, sliced
1/4 cup jalapeño peppers, sliced
2 ounces flat anchovies (one can)
1/2 tsp oregano

7/29/2009 5:36:37 PM

I've been making my pizza's this way for about ten years now and am glad to see someone put it down on paper/internet for many to try. It truly is the best pizza I've ever had next to a NY or Chicago pizzeria. In fact, my hubby just asked me yesterday if I would make some this Sunday for our "movie night"! Crystalis,I too, use the olive oil on the bottom and sides of my pans. It really adds that authentic Italian flavor and crispness to the crusts. Thanks for sharing this with others, Genie. deb/AL

1/21/2009 1:51:44 AM

I have tried this recipe on 3 separate times all of them it turned out perfect. Also I greased the pan with a light drizzle of olive oil. For those who do not have yeast packets I used about 3/4 teaspoon Red Star dry bread machine yeast.

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