Homes and Walls

Reader Contribution by Michael Johnathon

There is an old spirit that lingers in the air of an older home. Especially hand- hewn logs milled from the sweat and soul of pioneers long gone, the craftsmanship and passion of workers who labored for dignity more than money.

We live in a log home. The picture you see here is not our home, but I can imagine the laughter and the life stories these log walls could tell. Those stories cling to the walls like a ghost, always there always silent but always speaking.

When I first found my log home, sitting on a hill surrounded by seven acres of woods and rich Kentucky land, I stood silent when I entered the first time. I could almost hear the laughter of the child that grew up there, the breakfast talk over coffee between the original owners. The joy and the sadness of the life this home nurtured.

I wrote a song about the stories the log walls held in that cabin, now my home, preparing to absorb my life and my stories. If you’re interested, you can hear the song:

New homes don’t have that spirit. New homes are built for the convenience of the builder and not the families who will live there. New homes are built for money not for dignity.

If I was ever to build a new home I would want it to look old.

Among the throngs of artists in the music world, few have elevated “dreaming” to such a high art form as folksinger Michael Johnathon. He has a successful career as a touring songwriter, author of four published book, playwright of the Walden Play performed in 42 countries, composer of the opera, Woody: For the People, organizer of the national association of front porch musicians called SongFarmers, and as the host of the live audience broadcast of the WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour with a radio audience with over two million listeners each week on 500 public radio stations, public television coast-to-coast, American Forces Radio Network in 173 nations and now on the RFD-TV Network nationwide. His latest album release is DAZED & CONFUZED and his fourth book will be released June 2019.

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