MOTHER EARTH NEWS: December 2011/January 2012

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How to Afford Better Food
The path to healthy, low-cost eating offers many entry points. We pilot you through the diverse options in our guide to shopping smart and eating well.


The Joys of Building a Home Together
An Alabama family built this beautiful, affordable green home by hand using salvaged wood and other reclaimed materials.

How to Choose the Right Woodstove
Follow this step-by-step advice to find the woodstove with the best combustion system, heating capacity and style for your home.

Best Vegetable Seed Companies
MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers rate their favorite garden seed sources based on value, performance, ethics and fun.

Home Energy Audits: Measure Your Energy Costs and Add Up the Savings!
Whether you live in a new or old house, a home energy audit can help you discover some surprising ways to save energy — and money.

Get to Know the Wonder-Working, Timesaving Pressure Cooker
Preparing nutritious meals with whole ingredients is a snap with a pressure cooker. Here are four reasons to try it.

Finding Self-Reliance in a Pot of Dried Beans
A local foods devotee discovers the dividend of self-sufficiency: newfound confidence.

Try Bison Meat for Great Taste and Better Health
More flavorful than chicken and more nutritious than grain-fed beef, bison meat is lean and green.

12 Natural Cleaning Recipes
Make your own household cleaners using safe, simple and inexpensive ingredients.

We’ve Never Regretted a Private Burial
Have you ever looked at a special place and thought, “I’d like to be buried there”? Such a simple wish may not actually be so simple to fulfill.


Build a Movable Chicken Coop
Industrial Tomato Farming in America
DIY Cold Frame Plans
Modern Hunting, Ancient Philosophy

News From MOTHER
The Declining Nutrient Value of Food

Reader letters about starting a homestead, the price of firewood, living in a tiny house, hornworms, population, raw milk, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, and more.

Green Gazette
For Coal Plants, the End of an Era
Pedal Power: Cargo Trikes and Pedicabs
Cool Energy House Demonstrates Green Remodeling Strategies
70 MPH, 4 Bags of Groceries and 100+ MPG
High-Quality Tools for Wiser Living
Giving 1 Percent for the Planet
Antibacterial Products May Be Harmful

Crop at a Glance
All About Growing Celery
Learn how to grow your own celery and celeriac to enjoy these crops’ unique flavors without the chemicals found on conventional, supermarket options.

Real Food
In the Winter Kitchen: Nutmeg
Simple Timesaving Kitchen Strategies
Homemade, Better-Than-French Fries
Homemade Mayo: Healthier, Tastier, Easier Than You Think

Homestead Know-How
Farm Fencing: Horse High, Chicken Tight and Bull Strong
With farm fencing, there’s plenty to consider: Woven wire or high-tensile? Electric or nonelectric? Here’s how to make the best choice for your animals.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Save Money and Enjoy Better Air
Hire Plants for a Better Home Office
Simple Way to Wash Small Loads
Mixed Media Recycling Art
Dough-Raising Shortcut
Portable Outdoor Fireplace
Reuse and Reuse Again
Add Sand for Safer Surfaces
Taming Electric Fence Wire
Cold Ice, Toasty-Warm Hands

Beautiful and Abundant
Unplugging Our Economic Ponzi Scheme
If the human species hopes to continue thriving, we have to embrace a new model that doesn’t rely on population growth.

Karle Wilson Baker