Dear MOTHER: December 2011/January 2012

Reader letters about humane death, wood processing, the sphinx moth, Indian Runner ducks, hornworms, deep ecology, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS beekeeping blog, cargo bikes, and more.

| December 2011/January 2012


Reader LeeAnn Coleman finds happiness in her 900-square-foot home. Similar to the homes featured in our Natural Home Living blog, LeeAnn adores her efficient kitchen, cozy living room and great outdoor space.


Let’s Be Civil

It is sad to see the amount of angry, disgruntled mail you receive. What happened to communicating with civility and kindness? My wife and I were both taught to take care of the Earth and our neighbors, and that change happens when compassion for all is expressed through our actions and speech.

We all have the right to communicate our feelings. However, to be rude in our speech toward your magazine, within the kindness you extend to allow us to comment, seems wrong. I praise any and all who speak up about their opinions, but go gently with each other out there. Good changes come through cooperativeness and compassion. Thank you for allowing me to speak my feelings and to continue to support your magazine.

Chee Ammen
Lake Oconee, Georgia

Rabbits and Wigglers

Rabbit: A Great Meat Animal for Small Homesteads (October/November 2011) was a great article about a widely overlooked meat source.

The only thing I might add is if the rabbitry is located in an active fishing area, consider raising worms (red wigglers) beneath the rabbit cages (where they can dine on the manure). The worms can be sold to fishermen and sporting stores, and they might generate enough income to offset much of the cost of raising the little bunnies. Plus, the worm castings can be used in your garden or packaged and sold.

Bob Freeman
Algood, Tennessee

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