Photo of the Week: Settling on a Pumpkin

Reader Contribution by Emylisa Warrick
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Eek! We’re not the only ones celebrating the onset of fall. This curious mouse decided to hang out on a fall pumpkin while enjoying the cooler weather and turning colors.

If you are afraid of mice, you’re not the only one. Read Simran Sethi’s account of how she dealt with spotting a mouse in her home and the preventive measures she took. Also, there’s a natural way to get rid of mice; a little peppermint should do the trick.

While not everyone likes mice, I think it’s safe to say that quite a few people like interacting with pumpkins. Whether carving pumpkins for Halloween or making homemade pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, the pumpkin is a familiar and comforting symbol of fall.

Thanks to CU photographer veggies01 for providing her seasonal photograph in this cooler weather. See her gallery A Little of Everything for more shots of critters and squashes.

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