Blog Action Day: Water Around the World

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This year could easily be considered the Year of Water. From documentaries and special issues to the weeks of media coverage of the Gulf oil spill and the heated debates it raised about how we use our oceans and who’s ultimately responsible for protecting them, and you’d have been hard pressed not to be thinking about the substance that covers more than 70 percent of the Earth and is essential to life. From concerns about water scarcity — for drinking and for crops — to discussions about pollution and sanitation, water is a daily concern for millions of people, and a hot issue for everyone. To help bring attention to this vital resource, this year’s Blog Action Day topic is water, and thousands of bloggers around the world are joining together to provide valuable information, increase awareness and help readers learn more about the state of water, why they should care, and what they can do to help. To learn more (and read some great blog posts on the topic) check out the Blog Action Day homepage.

Disney’s Oceans documentary premiered on Earth Day. National Geographic published a special Water issue in April and Discovery’s Planet Green continued their annual, month-long Blue August event. Not to mention that Yes! magazine devoted their Summer 2010 issue to Water Solutions, and John Hopkins University launched The Global Water Magazine, a new magazine devoted solely to water issues

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