The Flowers in My Garden Are Attracting Bees, Is There Anything I Can Do to Avoid Getting Stung?

Reader Contribution by Staff

The flowers in my garden are attracting bees, is there anything I can do to avoid getting stung?

Laura Deacon
Ottawa, Kansas

First, thank those industrious bees for gracing your garden! Bees are terrific pollinators, and they’re presence in your garden is great news for the flowers you enjoy so much. With so much concern over Colony Collapse Disorder, there are many people who would love to have such a worry.

And, actually, honeybees aren’t likely to bother you unless you disturb them or their hive. You go about your business, they’ll go about theirs (making sure the flowers keep coming back!). Pay attention, and use common sense. Also, avoid wearing bright clothing, and skip perfume or heavily scented lotions when you know you’re headed outside. That said, you can’t be expected to keep track of every critter in your garden at every moment. If you are ever stung, you can find a few natural bee sting remedies.

— Aubrey Vaughn, assistant editor

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