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Choose the Best Garden Watering Systems
Tap these efficient watering systems to save on your water bill while still growing food despite drought and heat.


The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat
Grazing ruminants play an important role in maintaining our health and protecting the environment. Give those animals grain in feedlots, however, and these health benefits become health risks. 

Put Extra Food Scraps to Good Use in Your Kitchen
Don’t scrap your scraps! Reduce food waste by transforming your leftover morsels into meals. 

A Top Storage Crop: Get to Know Winter Squash
Plant now to stock your winter pantry with creamy buttercups, delectable delicates and nutty acorns.

DIY Potting Bench Plans
Build a convenient, in-garden work surface, complete with storage space for small tools and supplies. 

The New Urban Agriculture: Growing the Second Green Revolution
Farmers inside city limits are growing a lot more than food—they’re also cultivating change.

Gardener’s First Aid: What Works and Why
Follow these simple, safe and effective remedies for soothing sunburns, blisters, bug bits and other minor maladies.

The Right Utility Vehicle for Your Homestead
These versatilve, dependable machines make all sorts of country chores easier.


News from MOTHER
Seed-Sharing Snafu

Reader letters about earthbag building, factory farms, the water crisis, outdoor ovens, seed-saving and more.

Green Gazette
Humans to Blame for the Sixth Mass Species Extinction
Native Prairie Strips: A Game-Changing Farming Technique
Cost of Renewable Energy Now Competitive with Cost of Fossil Fuels
Certified Naturally Grown: An Alternative to Certified Organic
2015 Seed Savers Exchange Conference Coincides with Organization’s 40th Anniversary
Are ‘Green Globes’ Guilty of Greenwashing?
A New Guide to Farming Grants, Loans and Resources

The Gardener’s Table
Spring’s Sentinels: How to Grow and Cook Asparagus and Chives
Lemon Asparagus Recipe with Chive Blossoms
Asparagus and Shrimp Salad Recipe with Honey-Saffron Dressing
Baguette Sandwiches with Asparagus Recipe

Crop at a Glance: Kale and Collards
Growing kale and collard greens in your garden will yield abundant harvests of super-nutritious greens in spring, fall, and , often, well into winter.

The Pitchfork Pulpit
Rotational Grazing for Pastured Livestock
The best pasture management mimics a natural migratory-herds-on-prairie ecosystem.

Country Lore: Readers Tips to Live By
Use a Watering Wand for Organic Pest Control
Spring Cleaning a Woodstove
How to Kill Ants with Grits
DIY Plant Labels
Algae As Fertilizer
Best Way to Freeze Bread
Mini-Vases for Floral Arrangement
How to Protect Fruit from Birds
Homemade Twine Holder
Sturdy Tomato Cage Design
Make a DIY Cold Frame from Storm Windows
Best Way to Dry a Bundle of Herbs
Make 9-Volt Batteries Last as Long as Possible
Starting Seeds in Egg Cartons

Ask Our Experts
Keep Track of Crop Rotation
Do Compost Accelerators Work?
What to Do About Pesticide Drift
Add Watering Nipples for a Clean Chicken Waterer
Best Sources of Vitamin D

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