Best Way to Freeze Bread

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Photo by Fotolia/tashka2000
Freezing bread slices on parchment paper is an easy way to reduce waste, and, as a result, save money at the grocery store.

If you’re anything like me, you like to pre-slice and freeze your homemade breads in order to pull a few pieces out later. A problem with this strategy, however, is that the bread slices often stick together, and can be quite difficult to separate.

I’ve found a simple and inexpensive solution that really works. I tear parchment paper into pieces, and then put a sheet between the slices of bread before freezing them. Parchment paper is surprisingly sturdy and holds up well in the freezer. In fact, the pieces can be used multiple times. Now my bread slices are always easy to take out because they haven’t fused together. This is the best way to freeze bread that I’ve found, and the method works well for other foods, such as burger patties, too!

Debbie Duguay
Arlington, Massachusetts