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Perennial Vegetables: Grow More Food With Less Work
Combine permaculture gardening techniques and edible landscaping ingenuity to grow perennial vegetables. You’ll harvest food year after year — with less work than growing annual crops.


Enlist Beneficial Insects for Natural Pest Control
Grow the right flowers to attract these Top 10 beneficial insects to your garden to minimize damage from aphids, caterpillars, flea beetles and other pests.

Great Garden Sheds Showoff
Check out our showcase of readers’ garden sheds that are beautiful and functional, and that creatively use recycled materials.

The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods
Genetically modified foods and crops pose serious threats to human and animal health — but Big Ag doesn’t want you to know that.

Build This Predator-Proof, Portable Chicken Coop for Your Backyard
Our newest low-cost, portable chicken coop plan makes raising backyard chickens easier for just about anyone.

Wood Gas Wizard
Would you believe wood chunks could power a truck? Take a ride with Wayne Keith, who uses scrap wood to fuel everything from daily driving to heavy-duty farm work to breaking speed records.


Guide to Growing Tomatoes
Build Better Soil With Free Organic Fertilizer
Easy, Elegant Wall-Painting Techniques
Keep Crunchin’ Critters Out
Raising Ducks

News From MOTHER
Modern Homesteading: Building Community

Reader letters about small homes, great meat, local butchers, nuclear waste, population growth, private burials, greed vs. sustainability, and more.

Green Gazette
Cost of Solar Energy Plummets
Big Hydropower Potential in Small Projects
The Benefits of Earth Floors
It’s Time to Ban Atrazine
Nanotechnology: No One Is Evaluating the Risks
Renewable Energy International
Preserving Heirloom Apples With Seed Savers Exchange

Real Food
Wacky, Wonderful Artichokes: Many Ways to Eat ‘Em
Baby Artichoke and Shrimp Tempura Recipe
Grilled Artichokes Recipe
Stuffed Artichokes Recipe
How to Make Hollandaise Sauce
Kitchen Equipment That Lasts

Crop at a Glance
Growing Blueberries
Long-lived and dependable, blueberries are among the easiest fruits to grow organically. Find out how to choose the best type for your garden, plus how to prune plants, prevent pests and diseases, and harvest your delectable little berries.

Garden Know-How
Container Gardening With Vegetables and Herbs
Lacking a good garden spot in your yard? Learn how to grow a medley of crops — cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, onions, peppers and tomatoes, just to name a few — in containers.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Raise Seedlings With a Greenhouse on Wheels
New White Roof Equals Cooler House
Use a Crock Pot to Keep Chickens Warm
Used Screen for Row Covers
Whimsical Yard Art
Saving Garden Seeds: Store Your ‘Dream Dust’
Foil Cutworms With Coffee Sleeves
Easy Potting — No Bench Required
Use a Shop-Vac on Your Grasshopper Infestation
Use Hog Panels for a Greenhouse Frame

Ask Our Experts
Farm Liability Insurance
Growing Fruit Trees
Find Your Average Last Frost Date
Testing Seed Viability

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