Mother Earth News: April/May 2009

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The Best Crops for Your Garden
Plan your most successful garden ever by growing the crops that naturally thrive where you live.


Life on the Homestead
You —  yes, you! — can learn the skills you need to be more self-sufficient. Here’s how one modern homesteader discovered the joys of a self-reliant life.

The Amazing Benefits of Grass-fed Meat
Converting cropland to perennial pastures produces healthier meat, builds better soil and combats climate change.

Count on Cabbage
For a tasty, productive, easy-to-grow crop, try cabbage!

Cordless Electric Mowers: Mowing Down Pollution
Cordless electric mowers are cleaner and quieter and work as well as gas mowers.

Planning for a Sustainable Human Future: Conservation, Population and Economy
With the right focus and vision, we can navigate the challenging road ahead.

A Plan for the Solar Revolution
It’s not too late for the United States to help lead the world into a carbon-free solar era, but it will take commitment on a scale not sen since World War II.


News from Mother
Celebrating Earth Day 2009

Dear Mother
Discussing the National Animal Identification System, biochar, factory farms and more.

Country Lore
Portable, DIY Chicken Coops
Easy Stain Removal
Delightful Dandelion Greens Recipe
Use Canning Jars to Store Leftovers
Vertical Gardening
Favorite Gardening Tips
Gardening on the Back Porch
Hold Hoses Securely
Avoid Flat Mower Tires

Crop at a Glance
All About Growing Swiss Chard
Heat-tolerant Swiss Chard — think of it as two-foot-tall spinach.

Green Gazette
5 Plans for Action on Climate Change and Renewable Energy
A Guide to Sustainable Living in the City
Wike: Best Bicycle Trailer-stroller Combo
Three Great Tools: Rogue Hoe, NRG Trowel and Zeon Electric Riding Mower
Beautyberry Banishes Bad Biting Bugs
Honda’s New Hybrid: 40+ MPG for Less Than $20K
The Business of Being Green
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Pursues Sustainability

Firsthand Reports
For Less Than $35K, We Built Our Own Home
We built the shell of our unconventional, corrugated-steel home in less than two months.

Garden Know-how
Simple Tips for Better Garden Soil
Instead of thinking of your soil as an input-output system, treat it as a living food web that you feed and protect.

Kitchen Garden
Fish Peppers
Spice up your garden and kitchen with these unique, popular peppers.

Green Home Improvement
Green Patios, Walkways & Driveways of Porous Pavement and Pervious Concrete
Consider one of these innovative and attractive options instead of old-fashioned concrete.

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