Country Lore: Favorite Gardening Tips

Get more fun out of your garden with these nine practical gardening tips.

| April/May 2009

No doubt you have your own ideas about how to coax a cornucopia from a patch of bare ground. I certainly won't stand in your way. But if you're not so experienced in the ways of trowel, shovel, and hoe, (and even if you are, we can all use a reminder now and then, right?) I've put together a list of my own favorite gardening tips. 

1. Pick your favorite plants: If you don’t really like cabbage, don’t bother to grow it!

2. Balance delayed gratification with instant satisfaction: Buy some plants already about to flower and sow seeds around them. Buy some slow-growing perennials, but add annuals for quick, same-season color.

3. Don’t work harder than you have to. Why kill yourself digging rocky soil when you can import dirt and make a raised bed?

4. Ask around or barter for materials. We traded with our neighbors for wooden fish crates and bait barrels, which make fine planters and storage containers.

2/21/2018 12:35:52 PM

Great article. I need to commit to #7. I always feel like I'm being wasteful when I have to thin out plants, but I'm wasting a lot more of my time and energy when I have to weed out invasive plants. I'm currently trying out the BTE and Hugelkultur methods, so here's to hoping for less weeds and more food. :)

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