Mother Earth News: April/May 2008

By Staff
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Top Story

Choosing Renewable Energy
This couple’s choice to use 100 percent renewable energy to power their home has presented challenges, but also many rewards.


The Careful Art of Listening
Learn to listen to nature and you’ll discover a whole new world.

Find Your Dream Homestead
Tips and advice to help you find the property that’s just right for you.

Container Cultivation
How to grow your favorite food plants in pots. (The secret is to use large, self-watering containers.)

Utility Vehicle Roundup
The right machine will make light work of your chores.

Build Better Soil with Free Organic Fertilizer!
Forget expensive fertilizers?–?here are your best organic options, including two that you won’t even have to pay for!

Americans Who Tell The Truth
Remarkable portraits?of environmental heroes.

Wild Rose Timber Framers
Three home builders integrate their working lives with their values.

Easy Garden Anyone Can Make
Hate to wait? Start an instant garden with this no-till plan!

Best Books for Wiser Living
Readers report about books that have changed their lives.


News from Mother
Radical Thinking

Dear Mother
Feedback on our new look; Report from a rebel; Organized slime; The truth about beef

Country Lore
Raising Grass-fed “Pigloo” Pork
Train Branches with Buckets
“Bedding” Plants Tucked In
Kitchen Scrubbers Discourage Slugs
Windfall Wood Furniture
Repel Rascally Raccoons
Eco-friendly Wedding
Online Seed Exchange
Combat Crows with Corn Whiskey
Stand-up Seed Planter
Paintbrush Seed Sowing

Green GazetteOn the Road to Energy Independence
Climate Change and Your Garden
Southern Kitchen Garden How-to
The Breakdown of Biofuels
Your 2008 Summer Vacation Guide
Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas from Simple Living TV
Rats Agree: Organic is Better
Extensive Horticultural Data at your Fingertips, Free!
The Label Says Grass-fed, But Is It?
Giving Back to the Trees: The Giving Tree Band
Are Preservatives in Food Making Kids Hyper?

Garden Know-howEasy Plant Propagation
Grow plants fast and easy with these easy traditional and low-tech propagation techniques.

Eat in Season
Wild About Dandelions
Learn how to use freshly harvested wild dandelion greens at their young and tender best.

Crop at a GlanceAll About Growing Lettuce
Learn to grow lots of lettuce, including Loose-leaf, Butterhead, Romaine and Crisphead varieties. Lettuce loves cool weather, so plan to add it to your garden in spring or fall.

Kitchen Garden‘Abraham Lincoln’ Tomatoes
Make room in your garden for this large, meaty, flavorful heirloom.