Herb Producer, Dung Recycler Named Greenest Businesses

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Mr. Ellie Pooh makes products such as photo albums out of elephant dung.
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More than 6,200 consumers across the United States voted on the greenest business in America, and Green America presented the award to Mountain Rose Herbs at the San Francisco Green Festival. Mr. Ellie Pooh also won the 2008 Green Business Leader Award, which was presented at the Green Business Conference.

Mountain Rose Herbs has been selling organic products since 1987 and focuses its business on sustainable agriculture. It employs about 60 people and produces only 80 gallons of waste a month. The company is working towards a goal of zero waste. Mountain Rose was also the first U.S. retailer to use fair trade-certifiedmedicinal herbs.

Mr. Ellie Pooh produces 100 percent handmade journals, stationery, crafts and various grades of paper from Sri Lankan elephant dung. The founder, Karl Wald, wants to educate farmers in Sri Lanka who are killing elephants because they interfere with agricultural development. 

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