Ep. 123 Welcome to Herbal Content Cottage

Hannah Lasorsa, founder and owner of Herbal Content Cottage, shares how her business came to be, and how herbalism inspires both her work and lifestyle.

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Jessica sits down for tea and a conversation with Hannah Lasorsa, founder and owner of Herbal Content Cottage, who works with plant and gardening brands to help them create botanically inspired marketing content and authentically connect with their audience. Hannah shares how Herbal Content Cottage came to be, and how herbalism inspires both her business and daily lifestyle.

Hannah (Kincaid) Lasorsa

Hannah is the former Group Editor of Wellness and Gardening for Ogden Publications. She primarily focused on planning content for Mother Earth Living and Mother Earth Gardener along with co-managing the Integrated Editorial Team. Hannah’s work has appeared in Mother Earth News, Mother Earth Living, Heirloom Gardener, and The American Gardener.

Today, Hannah owns and operates Herbal Content Cottage – a niche marketing studio that helps herbalism and gardening brands sow seeds of connection with rooted website copy, seasonal blog posts, brand photography, and other online storytelling tools. As an herbalist and gardener, she loves helping brands inspire their audiences to get outdoors, try an herbal recipe, start a garden, and build a life that’s nourished by nature.

A conservationist at heart, Hannah believes that folks who are more connected to the plants around them are, in turn, more likely to help conserve the wild and wonderful spaces that our native plants call home.

When she’s not in the garden or apothecary, Hannah can typically be found hiking, biking, spending time with loved ones, or reading. She lives with her husband and two adopted dogs in historic Lawrence, Kansas, where they all enjoy escaping city limits to appreciate the vast tall-grass prairie.

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