10 Years of Living Wisely, Living Well

Over the past 10 years, Natural Home has featured homes made of straw bale, rammed earth and clay–from tiny, handmade cottages to exquisite, expensive mansions. We’ve introduced readers to new building methods, such as structural insulated panels, and innovations including geothermal heating and cooling systems. These are just a few of our favorite houses and gardens–and yours.

House of the Decade

Hobbit House

Readers’ Choice Homes

Sweet Home Alabama

Casa Neverlandia

Raising the Barn

Editors’ Choice Homes

Yankee Ingenuity

Southern Comfort

Ranch House Revival

Honorable Mentions Homes

Long House on the Prairie

Deep Roots, Strong Branches

Bayou Beauty

Garden of the Decade

Pasadena Paradise

Readers’ Choice Gardens

He’s Got the Dirt

Simply Lush

Editors’ Choice Gardens

Serenity in Bloom

A Garden Full of Secrets

Water-Wise Oasis

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