Tiny Home Inside Look, Black Mountain North Carolina

Reader Contribution by Kristy Severin
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Located on a quaint suburban street within walking distance of the tiny, unique town of Black Mountain, you will find one of several “tiny” homes located in the Asheville area of North Carolina.  One home in particular lies tucked away among a lawn of tall field grass with a huge double wrap around porch and matching balcony.

Photo by Kristy Severin

With 384 square feet of living space, this unique home has everything you need, including a roomy kitchen with handmade concrete countertops, a full-size refrigerator and stove, a living room, a dining area, a washer and dryer, full-size bathroom, a reading nook and a loft you can actually stand in thanks to the extra high ceilings. The natural light that flows in is beautiful, creating a sense of peace and calmness reflecting against the pine wood walls and poplar ceilings.

Photo by Kristy Severin

Photo by Carolyn Severin

Photos by Carolyn Severin

The home is filled with all sorts of natural trinkets that decorate the space, from rock crystals to indoor plants laying their leaves across a shelf, or cascading down out of a window sill high in the loft, several homemade tincture bottles, pine needle baskets, hand woven dream catchers made from grape vines and hemp string, and hand crafted pottery accentuates the space throughout as well, among many other decors. The owner, fills the space with things that make her feel at peace and has very little, maintaining a simple lifestyle. She feels that living this way creates less impact on the earth and also helps her to live a less hectic lifestyle because she is living in a home she can afford and is able to use any extra money for traveling, gardening, or making new things.

Living small is an eco-friendly way of living that can help in using less resources. This minimalist lifestyle has created much interest over the past several years as many people are finding living small and living with less makes way for finding peace and tranquility in owning and managing less things and spending more time outside and in nature.

For more information on this tiny house or to inquire about plans, please email Kristy.

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