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Reader Contribution by Abbie Stutzer
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You know the giddy feeling you get when you’re able to save a few pennies?

It’s spectacular, right?

Imagine how great you’d feel if you not only saved some cash, but also helped conserve energy and water?

I bet that last sentence sent you over the moon. Well, perhaps not, but it may have shifted your brain into eco-conscious mode.

If so, check out the following energy-efficient products and appliances. Each product was designed to conserve energy.

ASKO Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers 

If you start your clothes washer and it sounds more like a spaceship launching than an appliance operating, it may be time for you to research energy-efficient washing machines.

ASKO, a Swedish company, makes appliances such as clothes washers, dryers and dish washers that are visually pleasing and energy efficient, and use a modest amount of water.

ASKO’s “About page” states its appliances clean well and use less water, electricity and detergent than other machines. A 2009 press release states that ASKO’s Line Series washing machine earned the Green Good Design award (PDF). The award honors “international products and buildings that are leading the global way to a design that is fully sustainable and compatible with the highest standards of good environment.”

In addition, two of ASKO’s washers and dryers were displayed in the Greenspiration showcase home in Greensboro, N.C. The showcase home “features modern green building practices that do not undermine the comfort, beauty or budget of a traditional upper middle-class home.”

Energy-Efficient Window Shades 

Most of us enjoy the warm glow of sunlight that can accent a dreary living room. Unfortunately, the sun’s glow can warm more than your spirit; it also can heat your living room causing your air conditioner to run more. And closing window shades in the winter to block chilly air is often ineffective as most blinds aren’t insulated.

Cellular Window Shades’ insulated Symphony Shades were designed to let light in, but keep outdoor elements out. Light can still seep into a room when the insulated window shades are drawn, but the energy-efficient Cellular Window Shades keep obnoxious hot and cold breezes at bay.

Now, if you enjoy a dark home and boo and hiss when the sun shines in your eyes, consider investing in Roc-Lon’s blackout products. Not only will Roc-Lon’s shades keep out light, but the company’s products are great at keeping warm and cold air out of a home, too.

The biggest complaint (as articulated in some product reviews at Target’s website) about Roc-Lon’s shades is that the shade package comes with two 27-inch wide panels instead of one 54-inch panel, though most buyers give positive reviews.

Are there any other energy-efficient products you love?

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