Energy Efficiency for the Home, Saving Money for All

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Illustration courtsey of U.S. DoE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Weatherization service providers contemplate the best way to make every home more energy efficient based on an energy audit of the home.

The myth that being green is for the prosperous will have to weather the storm with a program from the U.S. Department of Energy that assists families with making their homes more energy efficient.  

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has helped more than 5.6 million families reduce their energy dependence, make their homes more energy efficient, and save money on their utility bills.  The program educates low-income families on energy efficiency. Weatherization service providers install energy efficiency measures in the homes for free and document the savings throughout the years.  

The savings are compared to the costs, which average to about $2,826 per home, to determine if the service was effective. Families are expected to save $358 on their first year’s utility bills.

 Some weatherization techniques for homes include blowing in loose-fill insulation into walls and attics of older homes, installing windows that have a sufficient ENERGY STAR rating, and making sure air leaks and drafts don’t exist in your home and sealing them with caulk and adding insulation if they do.

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