Editorial Calendar: September/October 2010


Spotlight: Kitchen and Bath

Houses: An off-the-grid New Hampshire home built from locally harvested wood and healthy materials and a manufactured home in Aspen, Colorado, that takes sustainability to a new level.

Garden: A Kansas caterer turns a fire-ravaged barn into the centerpiece of her garden, where she produces much of the food for her business.

Feature Stories:

“The Nontoxic Bathroom”

From the cleaners you use on your tiles to the lotion you slather on yourself, your bathroom can be a healthy haven.

“Fix Your Kitchen”

10 ways to create a green, efficient kitchen.

“Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting”

Water is an increasingly precious resource. Here’s what  you need to know to cut down on your water use and capture valuable raindrops.


“Best for Kitchen and Bath”

Our 5 favorite product categories.

“Conscious Kitchen”

Save money and energy by cooking wisely (with recipes)

“Nuts & Bolts”

Composting toilets

“Be Well”

Whole-house water purification