Treehouses for Dreaming

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt
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Do you remember being a child, dreaming of a special place – small and hidden, perhaps a treehouse – all your own? A place to invent imaginative alter egos, to become the characters you read of in your favorite books, to display treasures collected on neighborhood forays.

I think many adults still wish for such a place – to dream, to be inspired, to be at peace. And a few fortunate folks have created such special spaces – in wonderful one-of-a-kind treehouses. How did you envision what the treehouse in The Swiss Family Robinson might have looked like? A rope ladder through a hole in the floor, a swinging hammock, lanterns for light and windows open to the breezes and starry nights?

Now, you can start dreaming again, each month, while enjoying the gorgeous treehouse photos from Peter Nelson’s book Treehouses of the World, which has been transformed into a 16-month calendar. There you can find examples of fun, funky, large and small treehouses in such far away places as Japan, Poland and France or just around the corner in Washington and Massachusetts. Each selection offers an example of the builder’s imagination and creativity using trees, found materials and some of nature’s most incredible vistas to create magical and useful spaces.

You can find the calendar and book at Barnes & Noble bookstore, and at