Editorial Calendar: March/April 2010


Spotlight: Gardening

Houses: A Chicago live/work residence–once a blighted brick warehouse on top of a contaminated underground gasoline storage tank–includes a living rooftop, wind turbines, geothermal heating and cooling, solar thermal hot water and cooling, photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection cisterns, and water-saving appliances. In northern California, a grand home and winery showcase the latest in innovative green design.

Gardening: A natural habitat garden at a Massachusetts horse farm celebrates the region’s rich social and ecological heritage with wildlife-friendly plants and structures.

“Attract Beneficial Insects”

Learn how to attract and work with “good” bugs (predators and parasites such as green lacewings, lady beetles, parasitic wasps, flower flies and hunting wasps).

“What’s New in Edible Landscapes”

The latest in fabulous, food-producing gardens.

“Tackle Your Spring Cleaning–Naturally”

Put away the toxic cleaners. You can get your house sparkling clean–and save money–without chemicals.


“Best for Gardening”

5 types of products that can change the way you garden.

“Conscious Kitchen”

Tasty, fresh recipes from chefs whose farm-to-table dinners are delighting diners across the country.

“Nuts & Bolts”

Energy-efficient windows and window treatments

“Be Well”

Environmentally friendly weed killers are healthier for your pets, too.