Editorial Calendar: July/August 2010


Spotlight: 2010 Resource Guide

Houses: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a green loft built using SIPs showcases healthy, low-maintenance interiors; energy-saving features such as geothermal climate control; and a “green roof” that reduces runoff, filters storm water and keeps the home cooler. In North Carolina, green building experts combined their expertise to remodel a home into a bright, modern and sustainable masterpiece featuring energy-efficient design, photovoltaic panels, native landscaping, rainwater harvesting, healthy interior materials and more.

Garden: A Minnesota couple turns a former homestead into a thriving farm that provides most of their food including produce, eggs, beef and grain they grind into flour.

Feature Stories:

Natural Home Resource Guide”

A breakdown of the products you need for your natural home–and what you should know when you’re shopping for them.

“Green and Healthy: Make Your Home Both”

You don’t have to compromise when creating a home that’s healthy for both you and the planet–you can have it all!

“Green Your Home at Every Price Point”

Even in the midst of an economic downturn, it’s possible to create green benefits for your home at every price point, from small to large.

“A Guide to Finding Local Food and Products”

“Buy local” has become a common refrain–here’s how to make that happen.


“Conscious Kitchen”

Preserve summer fruits and vegetables

“Nuts & Bolts”