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Available on the web since March 20,–Earth Day– is a classified community with a lot of similarities to, but geared to those looking for greener options for their lives, from clothes to personal relationships. is divided into departments such as green living, reuse & recycle and eco personals. Household products, another department, is a great resource to create a greener home, where you can find water saving kits as well as organic bedding. The ads link to online shopping portals.  

The site has different pages for different cities and states, as is the case of Some cities, such as San Francisco, where the site is headquartered, have more traffic than others. There are also pages devoted to cities in foreign countries, but these, too, have fewer offerings.

Other resources are also available at, such as a green blog and forums for eco-minded people.

More ways to join the eco-community

• Be part of the Natural Home community on our forums and win prizes!

• Have an eco-friendly car? Join the club.

• Save some green! Get your friends together and buy organic food in bulk.