Product of the Week: Blue Diamond Nut Thins

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Photo Courtesy Blue Diamond
Cheddar Cheese Almond Nut-Thins

A couple of weeks ago the Natural Home staff received some samples of Blue Diamond Nut Thins, and we haven’t been able to stop eating them.

These crackers are made with rice flour and nuts and are wheat- and gluten-free. One serving, about 16 crackers, is about 130 calories. Though the crackers taste great, the texture takes a cracker or two to get used to. Rice flour and potato starch do not lend the depth that wheat does, so despite their crunchiness, they feel a little flimsy in the mouth at first.

This did not last very long, and soon we all seemed to have developed a healthy addiction to the crackers. Every couple of minutes one of us would get up to grab a couple.

As with most packaged foods, remember to look at the sodium per serving; in this case, it’s 5 percent, which is less that what you would get from traditional crackers or potato chips.  

Currently, Nut Thins come in six different flavors; almond, hazelnut, pecan, cheddar cheese, smokehouse and country ranch. Assistant editor Kim Wallace really enjoyed the cheddar cheese crackers, but my favorite was pecan; they are flavorful and satisfying, without an overpowering pecan taste.

The all-natural ingredients are great, but an organic, whole grain variety would be beneficial, too. Add these crackers to your holiday cheese plate or to your office pantry for an easy, healthy snack.

Nut Thins are $29.95 for a case (12 boxes). 

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