Baby Bar Soap For Eczema

Reader Contribution by Missy Clay
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Missy Clay is a wife and mother who had an extremely hard time finding quality products that did not cause breakout to her sensitive skin. Find her full line of A Yummy Apology products online and in retail locations across the United States.

Having premature twins is pretty stressful to say the least. You hope and pray they are healthy in ever way. We were truly blessed that after 10 days in the NICU we were able to take our precious, healthy babies home. My daughter only had one lingering issue, and it was a skin condition called eczema. Already formulating homemade natural soap, my quest to find something to help her became a mission. 

Ultimately, I came up with the Calendula Lavender Luxe Baby Bar soap as an eczema treatment for babies, and what a miracle it has been for her! Of course, the oils are all organic, which means less chemicals. Jojoba oil is the closest plant oil to human sebum, and it’s super gentle. The combination has worked beautifully. The calendula plant, more commonly known as marigold, is one of the most common herbs and can be found growing in people’s homes throughout North America and Europe. The colorful petals of the calendula have been used in herbal preparations for hundreds of years. In the past, calendula flowers have been used on injuries to reduce inflammation and as an antiseptic against infection. It has also been used as a remedy for a variety of skin problems ranging from skin ulcerations to eczema. Lavender is an antiseptic and a relaxant. Combined, this makes for the perfect baby bar or adults with sensitivities!

To my delight this combination spurred me on to create others, ultimately launching my company in 2009. I believe in natural, organic products and I hope in some way what we do at A Yummy Apology will help others, even if in some small way. Please visit our website at for more information.

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