Woodstove Sweepstakes Winner Enjoys New Bun Baker

Reader Contribution by Joanna Hlavacek
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 MOTHER EARTH NEWS routinely gives away all sorts of cool prizes, ranging from greenhouses to riding mowers to flocks of heritage chickens.

Ken Newman of Montrose, Penn., is the most recent winner of one of our many sweepstakes. Earlier this summer, the longtime MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader received a Vermont Bun Baker Woodstove courtesy of the Bake, Crackle and Broil Giveaway.

“Our home is over 200 years old and the second floor can get kind of chilly in the winter,” he told MOTHER EARTH NEWS in an email exchange. “But not anymore.”

The contest, which opened last fall and closed in May, promised to award one lucky person with a woodstove and bake oven from Vermont Woodstove. The Vermont Bun Baker produces more than 30,000 Btus of heat and is rated for 750 to 1,000 square feet of space.

“This is the first time I’ve ever won anything from MOTHER,” he said, later adding that he was “speechless” upon hearing the news.

With the Vermont stove installed in his upstairs studio, Newman can now heat his home, bake, broil and fry all at the same time. The first project on his roster will be a woodstove pizza. From there, the possibilities are endless, Newman said.

“Now that I’m lucky, maybe next year I’ll win the cow!”

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Photo courtesy of Ken Newman