Sourdough Recipes: Create Delicious Sourdough Breads, Muffins and Hotcakes

Learn how to create a sourdough starter to bake sourdough breads, muffins and hotcakes using these easy-to-follow recipes.

| September/October 1971

My college student son and I were starting on one of our all-too-few quail hunting trips when I noticed he was packing along a rather mysterious paper shopping bag. The bag was tightly closed at the top with a heavy cord and I suspected that it held something special. As I found out later, it did!

I was busily preparing dinner in our camper the first evening out when Bob suddenly reached into the shopping bag and pulled out a large mound-shaped loaf. “What’s that?” I asked.

Bob grinned a self-satisfied ear-to-ear grin and replied, “Alaskan Sourdough bread. I made it myself.”

“Yeah?” I said as I hefted the loaf. “Boy. It’s heavy. What’s it taste like?”

“Oh, about as good as this,” Bob said with forced nonchalance as he plumped a second solid loaf on the camper’s table. “Try some.”

For the next half-hour, we buttered and ate slice after slice of both white and cracked wheat sourdough bread and — although heavy — it was the first honest-to-goodness “bread” I had eaten for many a year. Bob’s product was close-textured, heavy-bodied and had a good crunchy crust. I hadn’t enjoyed plain bread and butter that way since bakers had started puffing vast quantities of air into the “store bought” loaves on grocery shelves.

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