Food Security Preparation for Hurricane Season

Reader Contribution by Susan Gast and Easy Food Dehydrating
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Can you believe it’s “that time year” already? It’s time to make sure you have enough food and water on hand because we’re fast approaching the height of the hurricane season.

And when is that? It’s the last two weeks in August, and the first two weeks in September.

I know it’s comforting to have the metal shutters and the plywood on hand (that’s if the plywood hasn’t warped too badly) – but what’s even more comforting is knowing you do have enough food and water on hand to get you through a week – just in case.

Keep an Eye on NHC

I’m sure the website National Hurricane Center (NHC) gets inundated with page views, but it’s part of my daily routine, until November. Having experienced three hurricanes in one year.

While the image makes me cringe remembering all the weeks of hard labor cleaning up the crumpled workshop, it also brought home the power of Mother Nature. When you’re told to leave – please leave. It’s just NOT worth sacrificing your life to save a structure.

Great sources of weather are NHC as stated above, and here is their link NHC – NOAA

Also, The Weather Channel is good (I prefer watching it on TV rather than visiting their overly-busy website). Gotta love Jim Cantore and the team.

Folks Run Out of Food in Three Days

Did you know that most households run out of food in THREE days after a national disaster strikes? That’s all you have – NINE meals! Make the odds more in your favor by dehydrating your garden’s bounty.

All it Takes are Six Simple Steps!

Learn more about the six steps here and pick up a free copy of our eBook! It’ll show you the necessary steps to take to make sure you know how to dehydrate food safely for long-term storage. Until next time: Take the necessary steps to be prepared. And may this hurricane season be kinder to us all than it has been in the past.

Susan Gast has operated Easy Food Dehydrating since December 2010 as a website dedicated to dehydrating fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooked meats. Susan teaches you how to safely store your goodies too – for long-term food storage. Keep your pantry full — whatever the reason or season! Read all of Susan’s MOTHER EARTH NEWS postshere.

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