Gluten-Free Baking

If you thought a gluten intolerance meant you had to give up baked goods, this cookbook is filled with gluten-free recipes for cookies, scones and cakes, just for you!

| May 17, 2011

The following is an excerpt from Gluten-Free Baking by Phil Vickery (Firefly Books, 2011). Brimming with inspiration, this book opens up a whole new world of delicious treats —all completely gluten-free — showing you how to face every meal of the day with a selection of delicious recipes that may have seen impossible for gluten-intolerant diets. You can find beautiful photos of each of the recipes below in the Image Gallery. 

Soft Pine Nut Cookies 

Makes: about 20 cookies

Preparation: 15 minutes

Baking: 30 minutes 


1 3/4 cups (7 oz) slivered almonds 

Jeff Behm
5/28/2011 11:11:22 AM

Udi's is very good, and one of the best commercially available GF breads, but if you are near central NJ, it's worth a trip to Fallon's Gluten Free bakery in Fords, NJ. Their GF bread is simply amazing -- much better than any other GF bread I have had.

Charla Shamhart
5/20/2011 5:28:59 PM

Not all glutens are created equal, as the gluten in different grains has different chemical structures. 10% or less of people who are allergic to WHEAT gluten are allergic to oats, rye and barley. I find I can use barley with no problems. I roast hulless barley, grind into flour, then create some awesome pancakes with the addition of a small amount of amaranth and chia, which I powder, and other pancake ingredients. I think it is not appropriate to post here, as it is not gluten free.

5/20/2011 3:54:08 PM

I've been playing around with cocoa powder lately to come up with a vegan brownie (I am not a vegan BTW). An hour ago, sweet potato and cauliflower brownies were removed from my solar oven. They are very tasty,not sweet in the conventional sense but I feel that is a good thing and can be modified to anyone's liking. I am not one to use a recipe unnecessarily or to measure so the amounts are my best guess. Here's what I did... Preparation: Mince and combine; 1/2 cup raw cauliflower 1 1/2-2 c raw sweet potato (probably the sweeter the better. I used a Garnet and several Hawaiian (Okinawan) purple yams) 3/4 cup raw shelled almonds (ground to a powder. This ingredient along with the cauliflower is the "flour". The almonds also add oil to the mix.) 1/2 c apple sauce (the sauce adds moisture, pectin for coagulation, and more sweetness) 1 heaping Tsp cocoa powder. Spread evenly in a greased pan. I used a glass bread baking dish. The mix was about 2" thick. Baking is tricky for me because I have only a solar oven. Monitoring the temperature, the oven did not exceed 300 degrees (from 9:30am to 12noon) for 2 1/2 hours. When flipped over and right out of the oven the loaf held its shape. If cooled it would probably be more solid, however I never know until the next batch as this one is Gone! Note: I was going to sub 1 Tsp of ground flax seed covered in water for the coagulate, but surmised that the apple sauce would have the same effect. It did... Please post your experiments!

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