Reader Callout: What is the Oldest Tool in Your Kitchen?

Reader Contribution by Staff
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Newfangled versions of sustainably harvested, recycled and upcycled green products are pretty cool, but an important part of a product’s sustainability is also durability. If something lasts a good long time and is made with an eye to quality, you won’t need to replace it, recycle it or upcycle it. So in the spirit of celebrating all things well-made, I’d like to know: What is the oldest tool in your kitchen? 

It might be a pot or pan, a sturdy knife, a handed-down marble rolling pin or even a long-lived electric appliance. When I asked myself this question, I immediately thought of the 70s-era fondue pot my mom found me at a garage sale and the smattering of cast iron pans my dad cooked in nearly every single day of my entire childhood. And I have no idea how long those tools existed before I did!

Tell us about your favorite OLD kitchen tools in the comments section below. Please share as many details as you have about this beloved piece of equipment, for example brand, make, model, and of course, why you love it. If you have a photo of the tool, email it to with the subject line “Oldest Kitchen Tool.” We’ll choose from among your tips for the next installment of “Reader Tips” in the Real Food section of the April/May print issue. If we publish your contribution, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the issue.

Photo by Fotolia/Anja Kaiser