Easy Poolish Bread Recipe

| 4/23/2014 9:23:00 AM

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The term “poolish” is used for pre-ferments added to bread dough using either natural or commercial yeast. Adding an aged rising agent adds flavor and improves the texture of any bread. There are countless methods and recipes aimed at working pre-fermented starter into all types of bread. Stiff vs wet, whole-wheat vs white flour, natural leaven vs commercial — no matter what ingredients are available or the tastes the bakers, the art of bread making provides endless options for finding the right preferment for every recipe.

Finding the method that suits one’s tastes and busy schedule is a very delicate balancing act. Below are very simple directions to adding a little extra tang to your loaf, while limiting the amount of extra time spent measuring, waiting, proofing, and waiting.  They are based off a recipe in an earlier post of mine and is a great example of how using basic, but well-honed recipes to experiment in the kitchen can literally, and easily, add a little extra zest to your day.

Poolish Bread Recipe


2 Large bowls
Whisk, slotted spoon, or other stirring utensil
Baking stone
Measuring cups and spoons
Sharp paring knife


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