Pizza-Making Supplies: Build Your Arsenal

Reader Contribution by Staff

We’ve selected some of our favorite pieces to help you make the best pizzas right in your home kitchen.

Baking Stones

Emile Henry, $50. This beautiful, glazed stone can be used on the grill or in the oven for deliciously crisp crusts. It’s dishwasher-safe, and you can cut right on its durable surface.  

Old Stone Oven, $55. This longtime favorite baking stone transfers the oven’s heat directly to the pizza and helps disperse moisture, yielding light, cracker-y crusts.

Pizza Peels

EXO Products Ash Super Peel, $48. Made from recycled baseball bats, this solid ash pizza peel comes with a handy sliding canvas sheath that makes delightful (and super-easy) work of getting pizzas into and out of a hot oven.

Epicurean, $33 to $40. The beveled front edge of this sleek peel helps you grab pizzas from the oven when they’re finished, and the peel also works as a cutting board. Available in two sizes and colors.

Totally Bamboo, $20. From the world’s first manufacturer of bamboo cutting boards comes this durable and pretty pizza peel, which is guaranteed to be made from sustainably harvested bamboo.

Pizza Cutters

Natural Home Products, $4. The sustainable sourcing is evident in this inexpensive and attractive bamboo and stainless steel pizza cutter.

King Arthur Flour, $17. Interchangeable stainless steel and polycarbonate blades let you choose the right blade for the task so you won’t damage any of your pans.

Epicurean, $20. With one simple rolling action, this easy-to-use pizza cutter helps you divvy up whole pies quickly. Choose from three colors, including the slate and natural finish that match Epicurean’s pizza peels.

More Handy Tools

Cuisipro Stay Cool Rolling Pin, $42. This nifty rolling pin can be filled with cold water to keep its stainless steel surface cool while rolling out doughs, which helps prevent doughs from sticking or overheating.

King Arthur Flour Dough Whisk, $15. Unlike with a spoon, sticky doughs won’t stick to this wacky whisk. Its ergonomic design lets you blend stiff doughs just as easily and comfortably as delicate batters.

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