Try Nutritious Beans for a Low-Cost Dinner

Cold weather calls for nutritious beans, learn how to cook a variety of beans for a rib-sticking, low-cost dinner.

| November/December 1977

Save pennies and eat healthy by learning how to cook nutritious beans for dinner.

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There's an icy snap and tingle in the air right now . . . especially up in the wintry state of Vermont. "We don't mind, though," says Anne C. Pratt of Plainfield. "Not as long as we have a steamy plate of savory, filling, nutritious beans on the table. And the price is right too!"

It seems that every family — whether already "scratching it out" down on the farm, living in the city and saving pennies to move to the country too, or just trying to make ends meet in today's high-priced world — is interested in cutting its cost of living.

My husband and I are no exception. And, as millions of other families have done for centuries, we frequently cut our living expenses (while still enjoying hearty, nourishing, stick-to-the-ribs meals) by cooking with beans. And, nope, we never eat the chemical-packed "beans and franks" and other "heat and serve" frozen and canned abominations that line the supermarket shelves. (For one thing, the fat-laden, preservative — and dyelaced, artificially flavored "things" currently sold by the "food" industry as "frankfurters" aren't even allowed in our house.)

Instead, we feast on a variety of zesty, cook-em-from-the-ground-up main dishes that make beans the stars of a good many cold weather Pratt lunches, dinners . . . even snacks. We just never seem to get tired of beans around our place, and I always get a big kick out of whipping a few pennies' worth of the legumes (instead of a couple of dollars' worth of meat) into a satisfying meal.

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