Simple Tip for Making Grape Juice

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Photo by Fotolia/kosmos111
Make and preserve fruit juice the easy way with these few simple steps.

I love berry and grape juices, but the normal process for making grape juice takes more time and effort than I have to give. Some years back, my sister told me about an easy and fast way to make juice. First, sort and wash your berries or grapes. Next, wash and sterilize your quart jars and lids. Place 1-1⁄2 cups of berries or grapes into each jar. (You can use a small potato masher to lightly squash the berries or grapes just enough to break the skins.) Pour boiling water or light syrup into each jar, place the lids and secure the rings, put the jars in the canner, and process them for the required amount of time according to your canner’s instructions or the tables at the National Center for Home Preservation website.

This “lazy woman’s juice,” as we call it, is best when it sits on the shelf for about six months to strengthen the flavor. I can it without sugar, and then strain and add stevia before serving. Cheers!

Nancy Wolcott
Mapleton Depot, Pennsylvania