How Can We Afford to Not Eat Real Food? (With Farmer's Cheese Recipe)

| 6/1/2016 10:38:00 AM

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Quinoa salad

A great past time for me has always been learning how to make new and different types of food. Partially due to the fact that the food when I was growing up was very basic and bland even if it was well balanced and filling.

I do want to thank my mother for not knowing how to cook as that gave me an incentive to learn along with her. My mother was born in a Kibbutz in Israel where everything was communal and so for meals you could just go to the communal kitchen to eat, or take the food home.

Most people did not do much cooking in their tiny home kitchens except for special occasions, like my grandmother did with her cakes. I actually don’t think my grandmother started cooking regular home meals until she was in her 70s. By setting up this type of system the Kibbutz felt people could be more efficient in their work habits. This type of mentality has spread across all modern society that cooking is a waste of time.  

I as a teenager, and even now, can and love to spend hours “wasting” time in the kitchen in the search of a certain level of goodness in my food. And I get to eat all of my less than perfect “mistakes”!

I like to set aside Sunday mornings as no technology mornings and focus on cleaning the house and cooking food for the week. I tend to cook up big pots of basic things without putting much flavor in them like rice or beans or chicken so it is available during the week for me to whip up add-ons like stirfry or just heat up and season a serving size.

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