Learn Sustainable Food Terms with the New Lexicon of Food

Amp up your food vocabulary by browsing the entries, articles and videos in this snazzy new online resource called the Lexicon of Food.

| February/March 2016

Food Terms

Brush up on food terms and gain loads of fascinating food knowledge on the new Lexicon of Food website.

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Language is ever-evolving. The ongoing discussion about nourishing and sustainable foods, in particular, has added many new words and phrases to our discourse. To learn these ABCs (as in “Artisanal,” “Bycatch” and “CAFO”), browse the Lexicon of Food online. The Lexicon hopes to inform the way consumers discuss food so they can make better decisions about what they eat. To that end, a team of researchers, lexicographers (people who compile dictionaries) and sustainability experts has created a vocabulary list. You can explore the website — and digest the lingo of sustainable food — by using the search tool, or by following the “Lexicon” link to an alphabetized list of food terms. Beyond delivering basic definitions, the Lexicon also offers personal stories, short films, and in-depth information on such concepts as kitchen incubators and permaculture.

To join the conversation, set up your Lexicon of Food profile and begin posting comments on the website. You can even suggest new vocabulary words.

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