Escargot: A Taste of France

| 7/20/2015 10:11:00 AM

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As I’ve been volunteering on a small organic farm in southern France, I’ve had the pleasure to eat some of the best meals of my entire life. One of my absolute favorite meals is hands-down, Stèphane’s escargot. Before my visit to Stèphane and Silvia’s farm, La Ferme du Lamalou, I thought escargot was a dish found only in white tablecloth restaurants; however, it’s the basis of a delicious and homey meal for those adventurous enough to try it. They’re delicious on a slice of toasted wholegrain bread and served with sides of your choice.


Stèphane’s Escargot Recipe

Escargot (or cooked snails) isn’t a dish reserved only for high-cuisine in up-scale French restaurants. You can make delicious escargot at your own home and enjoy an authentic taste of France!

Stèphane gathers the large, Brown Garden Snail, but any number of varieties of snails can be used. If you are gathering snails from your own garden, Gail Damerow has written a great Mother Earth News article titled, Escargot from Your Own Backyard, to aid you. Surprisingly, you can also often find packaged snails ready to cook in any number of grocery stores, if you aren’t able to gather your own.

Yields 4-8 servings

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