Easy Homemade Chocolate Spread

| 5/1/2018 12:00:00 AM

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Do you like chocolate spread on toast, pancakes or waffles? My kids are ready to eat it by the spoonful if we would only let them, but the kind of commercial junk that passes for chocolate spread in the industry doesn’t have a place on our pantry shelves (Nutella, for instance, contains about 55% sugar and 30% oil, leaving only 15% for anything else).

Recently, quite by chance, I have stumbled upon a recipe for a chocolate spread that is super easy to make, a lot healthier than its commercial counterparts, easily adjustable to individual tastes, dairy-free, and delicious. It contains exactly four ingredients, and one of those is water.

It all began with tahini. Those who have been following my posts probably know that I’m a huge fan of those little sesame seeds in just about any form. Tahini is incredibly versatile – it can be made into a spread, a dip, halva, and it has its place of honor in a variety of baked goods. I always recommend tahini made from hulled sesame seeds. Tahini from whole seeds contains a lot more calcium, but that is misleading, as the hull also contains phytates that bind minerals (like calcium) and are essentially an anti-nutrient. Plus, tahini from unhulled sesame seeds has a bitter-ish tinge that is hard to get rid of.

So, to make this spread, you’ll need:


2 cups tahini, at room temperature
2-3 heaped tablespoons cocoa powder
Honey, maple syrup or date syrup (silan) to taste
Water, as needed
* Optional: a dash of vanilla essence

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