Date-Nut Torte Recipe

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This Date-Nut Torte Recipe is a sweet and nutritious breakfast or dessert cake packed with dates and nuts.

Try this Date-Nut Torte Recipe, a sweet tasting cake laden with dates and nuts.

Date-Nut Torte Recipe

Dates are good for the children as well as for the grown-ups. So are nuts of various sorts. Fortunately dates and nuts may be secured in every part of our great country and anyone may follow the recipe of date-nut torte as served at its best in San Diego. To make it the good cooks of California break into a mixing bowl two eggs, and after beating slightly they add a cupful of granulated sugar, and beat all together until thoroughly creamed. A generous cupful of dates seeded and cut into small pieces and a cupful of chopped nut meats are then added and creamed into the stiff mixture. A very little sifted flour is necessary to bring this to the right consistency. About a third of a cupful of flour sifted with one teaspoonful of baking powder and a little salt is beaten with the eggs, sugar and nuts, and the whole is poured into a broad, shallow cake pan, well greased and floured to keep the mixture from sticking. After baking in a moderate oven for about half an hour, the date-nut torte is sprinkled with lemon juice and set aside to cool. It should be served cold with whipped cream.

Various nut meats are used in the California recipe, but no special sort is essential. In Eastern sections the English walnuts and our rich-meated black walnuts will prove the very best sorts; and the dried dates of soft quality will be delicious with these nuts. With homemade ice cream or frozen custard, the date-nut torte will make a delicious dessert.

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