The Old Time Farm Magazines: Homemade Shower Room, Oats for Horses and Greenhouse Lettuce

Read articles from old farm magazines that give advice on creating a homemade shower room, oats for horses and growing greenhouse lettuce.

| November/December 1977

The Old Time Farm Magazines give homesteaders advice on a homemade shower room, oats for horses and growing greenhouse lettuce.

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A Homemade Shower Bath

The farmer who has not the means or the running water necessary to equip a bath room in his home, but who desires to make himself comfortable after his day's work in the hot sun, can make a shower bath at very slight expense.

A corner in the barn or at the end of the back porch may be made into the necessary room, which should be four or five feet wide and seven feet long. The floor may be cemented over the boards already there, but a hole must first be bored in the floor and a drainage pipe fixed to carry away waste water.

Mix the cement as for any other work that comes in contact with water. Have the floor concave slightly toward the drain pipe in the center and extend in a concave circle about four or five feet in diameter, depending upon the size of the room. At the front end of the room make a level cement floor with just enough slant for drainage; this will be used as a place to dress after the shower.

Water must be conveyed from a tank or barrel set higher than the top of the room. A shower spray may be purchased at any plumbing shop and attached to the ceiling directly over the center of the drainage vent.

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