Sprout Salad

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Photo courtesy viperagp/Fotolia
Garden trimmings can add to a wonderful organic salad.

Sprouts are amazing little storehouses of nutrition — and
they taste great in salads and on sandwiches. They are very
simple to grow indoors, but anyone who gardens probably has
access to plenty of sprouts already. Many of the thinnings
we glean from newly sprouted plots — including radish,
arugula, lettuce, mustard, collards, beets, basil, dill,
clover, spinach, sunflowers and many more — are edible and
delicious. (Favas, tomatoes, limas and eggplant are among
the nonedibles.) Many of the sprouts taste similar to the
mature plants, and all add a lively addition to meals. You
will also discover tiny sprout gardens at the bases of
plants that have dropped their seed or where plants dropped
seeds the previous season — amaranth, quinoa, sunflower,
arugula, dill and mustard are among the best for this. So
next time you weed the garden, don’t throw those tiny
thinnings in the compost bin — put them in the salad bowl!