Best Ways to Preserve Vegetables and Fruits

Whether canning, freezing, drying or putting in cold storage, here are the preferred methods of storing common garden produce.

| August/September 1999

This chart is not intended as a substitute for a USDA-data-based manual that gives proven recipes and step-by-step details. But for quick reference, following are MOTHER'S own preferred ways of preserving vegetables and fruits for the winter.

All canning is done in a pressure canner, omitting need to acidify sub-acid tomatoes and bland fruits for hot-water canning. Heat and processing times are extra conservative for safety's sake. Change them only if you have an approved, proven recipe. Prefreeze blanching times are USDA standard for one pound of food.


Cold cellar store whole, cut in rings and dry, or pressure can, as applesauce.


Freeze what you don't eat fresh. Cut spears in 1-inch sections. Steam-blanch 4 minutes. Ice-chill 5 minutes. Bag in a single layer and flesh-freeze.

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