Best Ever Sourdough Oatmeal Bread Recipe

Reader Contribution by Renee Pottle
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It seems almost impossible to find a true sourdough oatmeal bread recipe. I spent hours searching on the internet, in the library, and poring over the not insubstantial number of bread books on my home shelf, all with no success. Apparently oatmeal bread recipes are either written for straight dough (those that use dried yeast) or a combination of both sourdough starter and dried yeast. So, out of frustration I created my own recipe for oatmeal bread leavened only with a tangy sourdoughs starter. Luckily it was a great success!

This bread was so good that I made two extra-large loaves in the same week. I’d like to say that the whole

family was visiting but that would be a lie. My husband and I ate both loaves ourselves. It really is that good. However, I can’t tell you how long this bread lasts before getting moldy or dry because it didn’t last that long in my house. I bet it won’t in your house either.

Sourdough bread begins with a well fed sourdough starter. Sourdough starter is basically a combination of water, flour, and some sort of yeast. Unlike packaged yeast that seems to spring to life when combined with the other bread ingredients, starter is already active and bubbling when added to the recipe.

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